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The reason why we do not dare isn't because things are difficult; things are difficult because we do not dare.” Seneca


ISSAMA is an association of international solidarity that puts its expertise at the service of actions in the field of health, sport, environment and access to vocational training in France and Africa since 2002.


ISSAMA which means "welcome" in Central Banziri ethnicity, engages in various forms of advocacy and awareness.


ISSAMA defending humanist values, the will to live together in respect and esteem for others, respectful of differences secularism.


There is no doubt that the idleness of our youth is a mistake at any point for economic stability and security of our states.


And since 2012, a strong partnership was forged with specialized rehabilitation center rehabilitation and detention for minor Bollé Mali, led by the iconic director, Mr Maiga Maiga Sarawi. We invest after his enlightened advice in a sustainable approach deliberately turned towards the training of juveniles deprived of their liberty in order to better reintegrate the release.


In 2013, we received from the hands of french Deputy Minister for Development Mr Pascal Canfin price winner 10 years of PRA / OSIM for our project to strengthen educational and vocational prison unit Bollé by the establishment a training workshop to the business of tanning and the establishment of a cooperative with tanners market Bamako, for export to France of products of child labor in prison.

This project is still ongoing in 2014 with the expansion of the field of training in the production of sanitary equipment including the design and manufacture of latrines, producing fertilizer for gardening.

Training biodegradable drinking quality water bagging will also be provided.


Since 2013, ISSAMA also engages in the fight against malnutrition and has two large production of spirulina Tanguiéta in Benin Province Atacora, thus offering a revenue-generating activity for unemployed youth. We also carry the plastic collection bag in city streets to decommission roads and sidewalks and for making pads football and basketbal generate income for youth.

Finally to open our youth worldwide will benefit from training sessions remotely equipping the exercise and practice of various trades.


The 2014 program of six income-generating activities, which was entitled Programme "ISSAMA CARE" reinforces our desire and our ethics to improve the level of training and reintegration of young people in general and young inmate Bollé particularly the release.


In this web site we wish you show our vision of local development, our actions and seek from you a membership to our project. 

The president's word

Despite the efforts of many an organization on a global scale, 2.5 billion people still have no access to clean and healthy toilets.
As we talk, diarrhea-related diseases remain one of the major causes of child mortality.
Also, studies show that little girls unable to hide their intimacy in places without latrines will prefer to stay home.
Supporting the sanitation and, in particular, the construction of clean and secure latrines would save lives and improve the girls' attendance at school.

Water is precious


Taking up 71% of the globe's surface, water is a vital source for each one of us, whereas freshwater only represents 2,8%. That is the reason why access to drinking water is far from being a reality to billions of human beings.
The right to a clean, healthy, drinking water is a “fundamental right, essential to the exercise of the right to life and all of the other human rights.”

Issama shares this vision and carries out projects to enhance awareness on the subject; it has elaborated an advocacy platform defending the case for the accessibility to water, sanitation and hygiene since 2001, on the premise that the mere proper water treatment and the installation of basic sanitary facilities can indeed save lives, as long as the needed changes in mentalities are secured with adequate guidance.
Issama stands day-to-day by the principles of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to reduce child mortality with its advocacy platform and its awareness enhancement operations.

Dr. Blaise Guiakora